Substance Abuse

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The consequences of abusing alcohol and drugs can affect every part of your life. The resources on this page can help you understand the effects of drugs, how teens misuse them, and how to find help if you want to quit. You can also hear inspiring stories from youth in recovery. 


This service provides a toll-free number for alcohol and drug information. It also provides treatment referral assistance and a treatment locator tool.


You have questions about marijuana, and this resource has answers. Separate myth from fact, and learn about why people use marijuana, its effects, how it can be sometimes used as medicine, and... Read more »

This resource explains the risks of inappropriate use of prescription drugs, and provides tips to young people in college about keeping their medicines safely from other students.

This resource educates about the dangers of misusing prescription drugs and dispels some of the myths associated with prescription drug abuse.

This resource provides information about young people and tobacco.


Abusing prescription drugs can be more dangerous than you think. Learn what to do if you think you or a friend might be addicted to prescription medication.

Check out this profile from the Office of National Drug Control Policy of a community that held an alcohol-free quinceañera, a special event that honors Latina girls as they turn 15.

Get advice from health experts on drugs, rehab, counseling, health, depression, and more.

Do you have a friend who drinks, uses drugs alone, or lies about drug use? These may be signs of a problem. Learn how to recognize drug problems in your friends and begin conversation with them.... Read more »

This report from the Surgeon General summarizes the latest findings on tobacco use among youth and young adults, including the causes and the solutions.

Tools & Guides

This resource can help you understand addiction and find safe and effective ways to get help.

It’s never too late to change your life or the lives of those around you. Find a mental health or substance treatment center near you when you or someone else needs help.

Videos & Podcasts

Would you take medicine not prescribed to you? Would you give in to peer pressure if a friend offered you drugs? ... Read more »

Macklemore speaks about his experience with drug abuse and the life lessons he learned during his struggle. Learn how to deal with emotional issues and drug abuse and how to avoid slipping into... Read more »

This video features conversations with Native youth and elders about the prevalence and consequences of underage drinking among Native youth, as well as the ways Native cultures and traditions... Read more »

This videos features Ben, a young person who struggled with alcohol addiction as a teenager, discussing how alcohol affected his life and how treatment has given him hope.


Too Smart to Start features straight talk on underage drinking, including information on alcohol, myths, and the consequences of drinking. Take quizzes, hear from other youth talk about their... Read more »  brings together the best information on the health effects of tobacco use and the benefits of quitting smoking. Check out the information on the site specifically for teens... Read more »

PEERx is a national initiative to empower young people to avoid prescription drug abuse. Learn more about the effects of prescription drug abuse and how you can spread awareness of Rx abuse in... Read more »

This website contains information on how to spot an alcohol problem, as well as resources and hotlines you can use if you or a friend or family member has a drinking problem.

Youth Voices

"I understand how substance abuse can change a person and change really who they are… There are always people that you can talk to and there are always people that can help you."

“There’s nothing special about me; if I can do it, anyone can. I encourage any young person struggling with addiction to not be afraid to ask for help.”

"I was inspired to create MY LIFE...because there was really a lack of places that youth could share their voice, and make a positive difference in their lives and in the community."